Útilíf is an established Icelandic retailer providing sports and outdoor recreation equipment.

Útilíf is a prevalent and established Icelandic retailer, established in 1974, providing sports and outdoor recreation equipment. Útilíf stores each have; a sporting goods department, a children's department, a shoe department, an outdoor recreation department, a skiing and snowboarding department, a hunting and fishing department and a biking and skating department.

The store's main emphasis is to provide customers with carefully selected goods of the highest quality, along with products of all price ranges, so that all customers can find the product that suits them best. Útilíf aims to provide its customers with excellent service and proudly employs specialists in their field for each of its departments.

Útilíf operates two stores in the capital city area, in; Kringlan Shopping Centre and Smáralind Shopping Centre.


Kringlunni - Smáralind

Tel: 545-1500
Operational Manager:
Hörður Magnússon


  • Útilíf Smáralind

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